We are here for you

We have had a great sixteen weeks of Zoom meetings wonderfully supported by you all. We have fellowshipped together through the challenging months of lockdown and many of us have learnt new skills in the process, doing things we would never have imagined. We have been unusual as a church, in that we have conducted truly live services.

Thank you to all those who have taken part so far, in prayer, worship, testimony & preaching. A special thanks to all who have logged in using smart-phones, iPods & Pads, lap-tops and telephones; calling us from canoes, beaches, country walks, gardens, cars, sheds and pretty much every room you could find in a house!! It has been great fun and such a joy to share the animated and lively conversation, to see smiling faces, some under weird hats! And to experience the presence of God as we have been joined by friends from around the world.

As I suggested last Sunday when I spoke so much of the ‘new normal’ is quite tiring and we felt that during August a change was due. We are very keen to continue to meet and we will do so on Sundays and during the week as Home Groups.

During the first four weeks of August, a five Sunday month, we plan to meet at 10.30am at Potterne Park and the Memorial Ground. We will meet in the open air for around an hour or so. Please go to the park nearest to you. We will meet in small groups of no more than six people or two family groups (these can be more than six). Each person, couple or family will be guided to a group or asked to form a new group by one of the leaders overseeing at the park. We will be encouraging everyone to meet with a purpose. To chat – “yes”, but primarily to worship, listening to singing if available, reading and studying God’s word and to pray. Direction will be provided each week.

Each person coming must be responsible for their own chair or blanket; we recommend, any refreshments, should be for your household consumption only. We would ask everyone and expect everyone to observe social distancing at all times. We will send out detailed guidance regarding COVID-19 health & safety in the next few days.

If you want to link up with an outdoor meeting and are unable or reluctant to attend please contact us and we will arrange for someone to Zoom/FaceTime you on the morning. There should be no restriction from you joining us other than 4G and internet connection.

So the next few weeks would run:-
• 2nd August. Open air small meetings for prayer, worship, study & social contact.
• 9th August. Open air small meetings for prayer, worship, study & social contact. (BE away)
• 16th August. Open air small meetings for prayer, worship, study & social contact.
• 23rd August. Open air small meetings for prayer, worship, study & social contact. (TL away)
• 30th August. Zoom. Connect (Westpoint) focus and promotion of August 2021 event.
• 7th September. Zoom meeting including an explanation of plans for going forward in response to HMG guidelines given.

We will explain more about the fifth Sunday in due course, but we hope that as many of you as possible who have been to Westpoint will join us and share about some aspect of your experience there.

Please contact me or Bernie if you have any questions about it. We will be sharing more details before the 2nd August.