Julie Bradshaw

My name is Julie. I have been attending Verwood Family Church with my family for many years now. My husband, Dave, often helps with the youth work and outreach too. My three children attend the different children’s and young people’s groups within the church. I currently head up the youth work within the church for the 12-19 year olds and ‘the bus’. My background is youth and community work. I have worked in many settings over the years running youth centres, working 1:1 with young people with additional needs and mental health problems and in pupil referral centres and many more. I have a real passion for youth work and supporting young people on their journeys. 
I thoroughly enjoy ‘focus’ our youth group that currently meets on Sundays for informal games, bible studies and food and balancing that with the outreach of the bus. I do this alongside my current youth work job. We hope that all young people will feel welcome in our groups whatever ability, background or age. We look forward to seeing more young people join our group and share their journeys with us. We want to be able to offer a non judgemental, supportive and caring environment to all young people where they can learn to know God’s love.