Message from the Elders 2020

You may not be aware that you’re reading a message from a forester, health care trainer and an agricultural engineer.  You might be wondering why three such unlikely people are writing under a title ‘Message from the Elders’.

Here’s the thing, Verwood Family Church is made up of the most unlikely people and the Elders are no exception.  We’re a group of fairly ordinary people yet we have extraordinary stories of encounters with a living God!

We the elders have a responsibility for the church.  One we take very seriously; we promised God we would do this.  We are privileged to be part of a great bunch of people who have been affected by the love of Jesus Christ, found forgiveness in His self-sacrificial death, and whose lives have been turned right around and have taken on a completely new purpose and meaning.

We as elders get to share our journey with this transformed group of people, but people of the sort you might meet anywhere.  Amazingly they talk about being a family, have huge love and respect for each other and attribute this new focused way of living to the power of God in their lives.  So instead of giving you a message, we’ve just talked about our incredible friends.  Next time…!


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