covid-19 office protocols for verwood family church

These protocols have been designed to minimise risk and must always be adhered to. We understand that everyone has a different tolerance of risk for themselves and their individual situations.

It is critical that before coming to the office you are well and you are not displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, nor been in contact with a known carrier in the last 14 days.

  • A new continuous cough
  • a high temperature or
  • a loss of or change in your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)
  • You have not returned from a country outside of the UK that is not listed in the Government’s Travel Corridor guidance
  • You have not been in contact with a known carrier in the last 14 days

These protocols will remain under review and may be adapted to meet new guidance and advice from both central and local governement.

Maintain Distancing and Regular Sanitisation at all times

  • Communal areas of the building will be kept clean. It is the responsibility of the office administrator to ensure that all door handles into the office and any surfaces within the office will be sanitised on arrival into the building and when a visitor leaves the office. Wipes will be double bagged and disposed of when leaving the building each day. On occasions when a meeting is run by someone else in the church it will be their responsibility to do the same.
  • Please check in on arrival at the office by using the NHS check in poster by the door.
  • Enter the premises on your own – avoid entering if other visitors, volunteers or staff have just entered the building.
  • Before using the stairs to the office verbally check no one is about to descend.
  • Hand sanitisers will be provided at the main entrance to the office to use, and in the office.


  • There is a desk in the office that can be use by visitors
  • Individual staff are responsible for the regular sanitising/disinfecting of their own workstation – all surfaces, screen, keyboard, mouse, desk telephone, arms of chair. Disinfectant/sanitising spray and disposable cloth will be provided. As a minimum requirement, this should be done on arrival at work and again at the end of the workday.
  • cleaning cloths must be disposed of in the bin provided at each desk.
  • General rubbish should be placed in the bins provided in the kitchen area.
  • Take extra care with photocopiers and other shared equipment, leave paper to ‘rest’ for a few hours, use sanitiser after each contact/use and so on.


  • There should be as little contact with objects as possible. Please ensure a clear desk policy at the end of each workday.
  • Disposable gloves will be provided for anyone wishing to use them whilst on site.
  • Use verbal warnings and visual checks in communal areas identified – stairs and corridors – all internal doors to these areas have vision panels.
  • leave incoming post and deliveries to ‘rest’ for a few hours and sanitise if possible before handling.
  • If distancing is properly maintained, PPE should not be necessary for staff or visitors but will be available for those that require it.
  • No singing in the office when in company.
  • No more than 6 people to meet together.


  • Staff should bring in their own refreshments.
  • Communal cloakroom door will remain open when toilets are not being used to avoid close contact in the small space. Only one person allowed into washrooms at a time. When toilets being used cloakroom door will be closed as a visible sign that toilets are in use. Toilet cleaner, disinfectant or sanitisers will be available in all cloakrooms. Anti bacterial soap and paper towels will be provided.


  • Visitors by appointment only, this is to ensure social distancing can be adhered to. Please call Tamara on 01202 820308 to arrange an appointment.
  • Terms and conditions for using the church office will be sent to everyone in the church.
  • When arranging an appointment, you must establish that the visitor is not and has not displayed symptoms, nor been in contact with a known carrier in the last 14 days. No more than two visitors to be allowed into the reception office at any one time. Children MUST be supervised by an adult/parent.
  • Maintain a log of all visitors – name, phone number, time of visit and which areas of the centre accessed as a minimum


  • If you believe either that a staff member is or has become ill with Coronavirus at work, or the office has been visited by a suspected case, you must let Tim Leavers know without delay; if he is unavailable then a Trustee.

The risk assessment and protocols will be kept under review by the board of Trustees and in line with Government advice and guidance.